Weigh Bridge Software

Arcanine has developed a user-friendly and efficient weighbridge software application to simplify the daily tasks of the operator thanks to an intuitive input of the weighing data. For the management of incoming and outgoing trucks, this application distinguishes product flows for reception and forwarding. Only the relevant data need to be entered by the operator or, if self-service stations are installed at the weighbridge, directly by the driver. 

The data to be entered can be further reduced by using contactless badges or by automatically reading the number plates. The management of the traffic flow over the weighbridge often requires barriers and traffic lights, Arcanine software controls this equipment from the application, so that manual operation is no longer necessary. With Arcanine, photos can also be taken and saved before, during and after weighing.

Benefits of Weighbridge Application

Multilingual software, each operator can choose the language when logging in or during use.

Access rights to various functions, depending on the login level of the site set by the administrators.

Single & multi weighing, weighing tare, weighing with loaded & unloading, weighing to police.

Data to be entered depends on the type of activity, weighing, and as configured by a site administrator.

While weighing, all data can be entered on any computer on site (multiple control points).

Weight check for weight validation. These can be easily changed by the administrator.

Weighbridge selection for weight transfer according to the typology of the weighbridge.

The main advantage of the weighbridge app is the Multi-operator app with the storage of user preferences.

How Weighbridge Software Works?

All transactions are stored in the database, allowing the administrator to generate detailed daily, monthly and annual reports with 3 hierarchical levels. In addition, Arcanine manages the access rights of all users so that they can personalize their screens according to their preferences. These settings are retrieved every time they connect to the application.

Our software weighbridge software is a multi-site multi-weighbridge multi-shift networkable weighbridge software application. Traffic control can be done automatically or by the operator by controlling traffic lights or barriers from within the application. Smart card interface supports both Philips Mifare and 125 KHz cards. The Arcanine software application is suitable for all industrial and commercial activities in which vehicles are weighed, such as in the waste industry, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, logistics and transport etc.

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