Web App Development Services

Arcanine invents and develops intuitive Web apps for any platform so that you can offer your customers the best web experience. In addition to web applications, we also develop business applications for internal use. From frontend apps to backend applications, our developers are ready for you. We also offer maintenance to keep applications up-to-date. This ensures that the application continues to meet the most recent wishes within your company and the market.

With this acceleration in the complexity of demands, web applications must be fully functional, developed with a thorough testing process in mind, and built intelligently to allow scalability and growth. Whether it’s a new startup company or a seasoned enterprise, web application development services must be flexible enough to tailor to the specific needs of the industry.

Points to be noted while developing web app

Just like your services or products, every web application is different. It is important that an application provides the benefits you need to sell more, save time, or better serve your customers. We regularly make the following web applications for our customers.

  1. Website management tools: To make it easier to change your website, you can use a content management system. WordPress is a CMS system that we often use. However, developing a custom website or web application is no problem either.
  2. API links: This make it possible to link your website to an external system, such as: social media, payment systems or email marketing platforms. We have a lot of experience in developing connections to other systems.
  3. Payment pages: For some websites, a full webshop is unnecessary. For temporary promotions or when you want to sell a single product, a web form with a payment option is sufficient. We would like to help you set up payments via iDeal without a webshop.
  4. Website portals: Is it important that your customers have access to a certain part of your website that is not accessible to other visitors? We develop user-friendly portals that can only be entered with the correct login details.


Why Arcanine for your web app development?

We immerse ourselves in your objectives and look for solutions that not only suit your company but also your target group. Often we go back to basics first. So we start with a good strategy and a clear approach. We also believe that user experience is the central point. A web application is all about “user experience”. Users should be able to find their way easily and the application should work pleasantly. That is what we find important. By starting with a good approach, we ensure that your application always works and continues to work optimally and properly!

We are a team of developers, designers, and project managers, passionate about our business and proud of the web applications that we developed for our clients. Whether you are a large company or an innovative Startup, whatever your project is, our dedicated team will assist to and develop the project you have in mind.

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A web application is tailor-made and developed according to your wishes. We help you to clearly translate your ideas and wishes into functionalities and will continue to check with you whether we are on the right path. We work with short development processes in order to be able to respond quickly to changes or extra wishes. Through this approach, we keep room for flexibility in the development process. One of the features of our working method is the use of open-source software. We work at final websites and have been a fan of WordPress, Ubuntu, MySQL, PHP5, NGINX, and other open-source software for many years. Not only do we enjoy working with this open-source software, our method is also advantageous for our customers. Think of shorter turnaround times, lower website costs and advantageous software license conditions.

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