Vehicle Tracking Product

The three letters stand for the “Global Positioning System” and perception, which is a global system that serves to determine position. By definition, GPS tracking is the position of the objects by installing a GPS tracking device. In the simplest variant, such a locating device with a GPS confirmation and protection authorization is a way of belonging to the current position in wide distances.

The enlightened information can be given in the states via a mobile radio network, the locating device is changed with a data transmitter. Alternatively, the data can be downloaded manually from the locating device. Such devices belong as data loggers. This means processor-controlled storage units that store data in their own rhythm via an interface and a storage medium.

Benefits of Asset Tracking Ap

You can see at a glance where your vehicles are currently located and can provide information to customers.

You can enter new addresses and our GPS system shows you a list with the current distances of the vehicles to the new location.

You will be informed about unwanted events such as theft, etc., via the GPS transmitter in the vehicle and can react quickly.

The operating times are recorded automatically. You see how long was driven and spent at the respective delivery locations.

You can better track work breaks also able to define service intervals and will be notified automatically.

Also can use the GPS tracker in the car to trigger a buzzer alarm if the car is driven into prohibited areas.

You can store your battery voltage and will be notified automatically when the voltage drops below it.

Digitize the legally required logbooks (alternative to the 1% rule – electric logbook with a GPS tracker).

How GPS trackers work?

View the current location of an object or person at any time in real-time. In addition to the information “I am right here”, a GPS tracker also provides many other advantages. Various alarms can, among other things, calm down minds, better plan routes, and prevent theft. A GPS tracker uses the GPS signal (Global Positioning System) to determine its location.

The GPS transmitter transmits its location to the FINDER portal using the GSM signal (Global System for Mobile Communications). Only with GPS location software can the recorded data be checked and the recorded location information translated into points on a map. The main rights of contract compatibility and GPS location have included the existence of certain legislation on the use of the location.

Why you have to choose Arcanine Tracker?

The Arcanine Tracker is an advanced GPS tracking device that was specially developed for flexible vehicle location. Due to the very compact size and existing interface, the GPS Tracker is easy to install in the car. With the additional plug for the cigarette lighter, you can even plug the GPS transmitter into the car’s cigarette lighter by the plug-in and immediately monitor your car. It is an ideal solution for quick and flexible use.

Use cases:

  • Real-time GPS vehicle tracking/vehicle location –
  • Car sharing for companies
  • Leasing/rental vehicles
  • Optimization of tours
  • Automatic assignment/working time recording.

GPS tracker in your vehicles

Always keep an overview of your vehicles with our GPS transmitter in the car. Track the kilometers traveled or set up geo-zones and receive an automatic notification when regions that are not allowed are entered. With a unique system, we can even start a buzzer alarm locally in the vehicle, so that the driver in the car is warned by the GPS tracker.

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