Project Management Consultancy

Project management consultancy aims to plan, design and control projects in such a way that the client’s goals associated with the project are safely achieved within the budget of time and money planned for this purpose.That is why professional project management also includes active resource management with the involvement of as many stakeholders as possible, i.e. stakeholders. Based on Arcanine’s many years of experience as a project management consulting and project management training company, we have developed our project management map. This summarizes the factors for successful project management.

We will be happy to advise you on all questions of project management, support you with project management training, coaching or, in practical terms, in current projects with the energy of interim project managers or a project management office. So that your projects run smoothly – from start to finish!

Importance of project management skills

For us, skills are the entirety of all methodological, social, and personality skills, which ensure successful project planning and implementation, as well as successful teamwork. The skills that enable us to successfully manage projects include…

  • The goals and the mission have been clarified by the project manager and coordinated with the client.
  • The dates in the project are realistically planned and checked by the project manager in coordination with the team and the client at least at the milestone level.
  • The risk portfolio is continuously updated and monitored.
  • The project manager is able to successfully lead his project team to the goal, even without disciplinary authority.
  • The project manager and project members have the necessary “social intelligence” as well as methods and techniques for successfully dealing with conflicts.
  • The project manager knows how to successfully integrate the most important stakeholders and deal with their concerns and resistances.

Why Arcanine for your project development?

From the experience of numerous projects that we have accompanied as consultants, we can say that professional contact with the strongholds is an essential prerequisite for project success. Our Project management is the active and proactive support for project participants, especially the influencing decision-makers. If decisions have to be made, especially when the project order changes, the Project management prepares the necessary information and accompanies the decision making.

Project management also includes initial Project identification and analysis. Project management is micropolitics – often little loved by the project manager and yet a major success factor in large projects. The goal of Project management is to get an overview of all existing interest groups of a project and their attitude towards the project.

How high is the project management level?

Finally, an important note: depending on the current company situation or culture and project management maturity, one or more factors. However, According to our experience, many companies are amazed that, although they invest a lot of money and effort (only) in the training of their employees, expensive IT solutions or the optimization of processes, they do not improve project management or that in the long term Achieve project execution. Our recommendation, therefore, even if you temporarily focus on one factor, always consider the balance and interaction of all four factors in a medium to long-term perspective.

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