Handheld Terminal Product

A handheld terminal (HHT) is a small, portable computer used to automate the cart/par location replenishment process. Item counts are manually entered into the HHT and the counts are uploaded into Inventory Control. This Handheld terminal can also be considered as a portable payment terminal and as an electronic payment system that is not fixed on a counter but is portable. 

The payment system is not 100% mobile, but it does not work on the GPRS network. You need a mobile payment terminal for this. The portable payment terminal but on the WIFI network, analog telephone line or ADSL connection. You can continue to use the device as long as you are within your network. The transactions or electronic payments can be made via a bank card such as a debit card or via a credit card.

Benefits of Handheld Terminal Product at Your Business

You receive payments of all types of cards and by smartphone.

You are sure of safe and fast payment which saves a lot of time.

You get a clear overview of your income via your payment terminal.

You no longer have to worry about change and small coins.

Your customers can always pay, even if they don’t have cash.

Give customers peace of mind during the payment transaction.

For Whom a Portable Payment Terminal

A portable payment terminal is the ideal payment method for traders and retailers. You keep a shop open, temporary pop-up store, showroom, cabinet, practice … (group practice) Or at the general practitioner, doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist, dentist, or working in the catering industry such as a hotel, tea room, brasserie, café, restaurant … Would you like to receive payments on your terrace? No problem. The jeweler, hairdresser, sandwich shop, butcher, bakery, taxi, department store, and supermarket … can also use the portable pin payment machine.

Handheld devices can bring you, your staff and guests benefits in terms of time saved and profits earned. Finding the right fit and knowing your goals are imperative to a successful implementation. When done right, the introduction of handhelds is appreciated by employees and guests, and a change that will help you create an even more exceptional dining experience.

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