E2E Communication Product

Technology drives this era with penetration into almost all verticals. E2E Communication isn’t an exception. It is a systematic way to manage, operate, organize and distribute assets in an efficient manner, considering the performance, finance and risk attributes. We help people around the world track and manage millions of assets in one centralized, cloud-based platform that’s available anytime, anywhere as their system of record.

This E2E Communication allows push notifications and voice messages between the employees and maintains social integration for the organization. The advanced analytics in the watch software will allow them to get the required reports, feedback, and all the other essential services at just once click. Its customizable properties enhance the control and communication among the employees and between the organization and the employees.

Benefits of E2E Communication Product

Tracking assets is essential for your company’s profitability and growth.

It gives a quantitative record and enables continuous monitoring of your assets.

Their history can be seen in a dashboard allocated to their registered ID.

Not just for organization, even employees can utilize this service to access their profiles and update their information.

This real-time tracking ability ensures data integrity, efficiency, and accountability of the employees.

Also increases the productivity of the assets, thanks to the detailed task division by E2E Communication.

How E2E Communication Works?

E2E Communication operates by assigning a unique watch to each asset you need to keep track of. This watch will be configured in specific to each individual’s IDs. Every click on that watch is considered as a trigger and all the triggers are sent to the central server to be registered and responded by the maintenance team. Asset’s health, change in location, change in the department and other specific details can be managed easily.

Additional benefits like voice messages, alerts, emergency triggers, coordinating with nearby assets can be availed with ease. This system allows companies to organize their operations by taking decisions on the density of assets in any given location or the frequency of the asset dependency and their efficiency. Companies will also be able to access all the information associated with that asset, which can be crucial during appraisals, audits, etc.

Where E2E Communication will be helpful?

Our adaptable and configurable E2E Communication Product service can be used in various industries like Education, Facilities Management, Tools & Equipment, Healthcare, Hotels, and many more, especially in Government Sectors.

Get 24/7 real-time access to your E2E Communication remotely at your fingertips with ease and convenience. Take your business operations to a higher level by leveraging our usage, maintenance, and asset tracking services.

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