Custom Software development

Standard software packages often constraint meet user requirements or are cumbersome. We offer innovative, custom software development for our customers while using standard components as much as possible. With a sense of business and our top expertise in technology and user experience, we often develop business-critical applications for many other clients. Custom software is fully developed based on the processes, needs, and requirements of your organization. As a result, the delivered software supports your business processes one hundred percent.

Our comprehensive technical expertise, industry experience, and exceptional methods of approach enable us to successfully deliver your optimum system solution. Our dedication to quality and value reflects in every customer solution we deliver. We have a complete range of consulting services, from strategic IT consulting to IT staff augmentation and training.

Advantages of custom software development

The development of custom software starts at Arcanine with a careful analysis by Project Managers and Business Analysts. Through open communication and a clear team structure, the developing team is fully aware of the challenges and processes within your organization. This allows them to perfectly tailor the software to your unique situation. Custom software developed from Arcanine is fully scalable and can, therefore, grow with your company effortlessly. Without this entailing large cost items. Standard software usually only supports part of your organization or a specific department. As a result, you often need multiple software packages. A fully integrated solution accelerates the performance of your employees and also offers you the opportunity to gain valuable insights from the software.

Why Arcanine for your software development?

Arcanine already has staff with more than 8+ years of experience in the development of business-critical software development. At that time we developed software for a variety of sectors such as the financial industry, various media, education, we made planning and logistics software and operated healthcare. Also our developed software is supported by standard components and frameworks to save time and costs and stands for quality without compromise. We ensure that you can be successful by removing IT concerns and by making room for innovation and growth.

Think out of the box

One of the biggest advantages of software development lies in the fact that it has been specifically developed based on the requirements of your organization. The software therefore fits seamlessly and offers the most efficient support for your business processes. Our Scrum Teams specialize in developing innovative, business-critical software while using standard components as much as possible. At our employment we believe in best-customized software, but not in constantly reinventing the wheel. By using generic open-source components, such as workflow engines, reporting engines, access & identity management components, we save time and money. These components are worldwide standards and have already proven themselves in a large community. In addition, our team also uses frameworks for software development. Using frameworks ensures reliable basic functionality and saves time.

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