Asset Tracking Application

The technical term for locating and tracking goods or other objects is called ” asset tracking”. It helps with the inventory of movable goods, the accounting of rented equipment, theft protection, or proof of the authenticity of goods. This makes asset tracking a prerequisite for the digitization of certain processes in companies.

Asset tracking is based on IoT modules that send all measured values ​​to the cloud. They can be integrated directly into the production of goods, packaging, and transport containers or can be added later. The data is transmitted over different networks. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses and are only suitable for very specific areas of application.

Benefits of Assets Tracking App

Faster localization of all resources, especially in large plants

Ensure that the required equipment is in the intended place.

Delivery of assets data for analysis and optimization purposes.

Real-time access to information on your own equipment inventory.

Prevention of theft and loss of items.

Increase employee efficiency.

Improvement of work safety conditions.

Reduction of shrinkage in retail  Product.

How Asset Tracking Works?

Arcanine Asset Tracking is offered as a complete solution in the SaaS model (Software as a Service) and for implementation. It consists of transmitters and receiving devices, which are connected to a cloud database (IoT platform). The transmitters are attached to the objects to be monitored.

Their location data in turn are recorded by IoT hubs that are located in important positions, e.g. in rooms, corridors, or storage spaces. As soon as the IoT hub has transferred the data to the IoT platform, it is available online via a web or mobile application. In addition, the IoT platform enables simple rules and warning messages to be defined, thus helping with administration and monitoring.

Example of Asset Tracking At Hospitals

Arcanine Asset Tracking enables staff and patients to be located in real-time. The solution continuously provides data on the current state of health of the patient and triggers an alarm if the patient loses consciousness or falls. Relatives who visit a patient can use their mobile devices to navigate to the patient instead of asking the hospital staff. 

The tracking system also reorganizes the resource management and provides information about missing equipment, the expiry dates of medicines, and the storage locations of expensive devices or medicines. By using asset tracking on surgical instrument management systems, the completeness of instrument sets and their sterilization can be ensured at regular intervals.

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